The adventure of survival is in maximum components a lonely one.

In a big metropolis wherein you understand no person, it’s far difficult to locate a place of your personal. an area to be able to be domestic away from home and will offer you the secure nook. Being in Kolkata for almost three years, I nonetheless felt like a stranger. among all the friends, the matter of friends is constantly a small variety. So the adventure of survival is in maximum components a lonely one.

at some stage in the time I studied inside the college, I lived in a hostel just across the road which belonged to a central authority aided organization intended for terrible children named after a outstanding social employee. It had a faculty within its premises, a hostel for the scholars who studied there and a dormitory for few college college students. The hire and the meal charges had been modest and so become the residing. The dormitory changed into shared through six women along side the caretaker who become almost deaf so failed to arise as an impediment inside the direction of events, celebrations and occasions which entitled us to scream on the top of our voices. there was a massive examine hall and a dining space, each in want of repairs and reconstruction. although the whole thing seemed so dismal, there was a coziness approximately the environment which metropolitan cities can rarely offer. just outside the hostel there has been a tram line on which moved the trams of their unusually sluggish velocity along a quick-shifting visitors. I used to sit down on the stairs outdoor the hostel constructing and dream away while gazing the advertisements at the body of the tram vehicles.

The college campus changed into smaller than typically anticipated and had four to five homes. in a single such constructing at the rear end of the campus become my branch. There had been a few classmates who became true buddies of mine and could instil the phantasm of belongingness to the strange circumstances. maximum of the times, after the lessons, we would go to a small canteen simply beside our building and have warm tea and scrumptious samosa accompanied by way of long discussions, heated debates and energetic chats on all feasible topics beneath the solar.

despite the fact that there has been lots occurring around, I felt a vacuum inside me which never seemed to decrease. on occasion I used to take a walk alongside the sidewalk of the college campus. There were vendors of street food, a cobbler and also a small stationery store. The last one changed into nearly a tin-timber cabinet where the pen dealer seemed to be completely installed with out a manner to exit or input the store. maximum of the times I used to prevent via this store and checked out and tested the numerous pens for hours collectively. the person even though had a frightening appearance, huge constructed and pink eyes, he in no way showed any infection closer to me. He stored taking out the pens from the at the back of the glass cases and sometimes additionally from his hidden stocks. After seeing and scribbling with nearly all the pens i’d handiest take a three or four rupees pen, which at that point had been the handiest ones I may want to have the funds for with my meagre pocket-cash. I on occasion felt a little afraid that he might shout at me for losing a lot of his time. however during the two years I stayed there, he in no way ever spoke a cross word to me.

in the future, it become raining heavily and that i didn’t have an umbrella. I had simply were given down from a bus and had to walk a short distance again to my hostel. I started out walking in that direction, once I heard any person shouting, “sister”, “sister”. I regarded lower back and saw the stationery shopkeeper. I went to him and asked what changed into the matter. He said that since it become pouring closely, I should sit down in his store, test-out the brand new inventory of pens and cross again to hostel while the rain stops. For a moment I hesitated, but the prospect of having to have a look at the pens made me reply in the affirmative. To my marvel, i found out that the store turned into large than I notion and had a small lobby behind. He supplied me a chair and took out the pens for me. as soon as even as i was scribbling with one in every of them, I took a brief look at the person and found him smiling at me. I fast saved the pen apart and put up a poised appearance on my face. but then he all of sudden left and i used to be sitting all by myself with my eyes wandering here and there once I caught sight of a parker pen. After a bit at the same time as he came returned with a steaming cup of tea and supplied it to me with the sort of gracious gesture, that I could not deny, even though I felt atypical. I requested him to reveal me the parker pen. It regarded so elegant and wrote so smoothly that I wanted to shop for it with all my coronary heart, but as expected it become very expensive. I suppose i used to be conserving on to the fee tag for greater than a minute when the shopkeeper stated, i will provide you with the pen for rupees ninety-5 in place of hundred. I looked up and thanked him for the provide, but declined because it became nonetheless quite luxurious for me. by way of that time, the rain had stopped, and after appreciating his kindness, I promptly walked again to my hostel.

After that day, the shop had become my favored vicinity to grasp-out. He used to promote me the pens continually at a reduced fee and very frequently also offered me tea. He had a number of statistics approximately the various varieties of pens and different writing devices. even though both of us knew not anything approximately each other, we had a deep friendship primarily based on a commonplace liking towards pens.

at the end of two years, I went domestic for making ready for my final examinations. without delay after my assessments got over, I went to the shop, best to discover it shut and locked. I seemed about but could not discover anybody round. unexpectedly the cobbler sitting on the footpath referred to as out to me and stated that the pen supplier had offered his shop and went returned to his village. once I asked him what took place, he could not supply me any genuine facts but said that there was some form of an accident and a dying in the family. I felt very sorry for the man and went lower back feeling sad. I needed to depart for my domestic subsequent day, so I commenced packing my matters. even as arranging the books and the stationery objects into my suitcase, i discovered hundreds of pens, all bought from that stationery save. I took out one of the pens and idea to myself, how a mere acquaintance turns into a considerable a part of your existence. I desired to meet him one remaining time and thank him for giving me business enterprise during the last  years. I suppose that small keep changed into extra pricey to me than all my pals.

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